About Pack 350

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 350!

Cubmaster Michael Lyons: packcubmaster350@gmail.com

Committee Chair Emily Lyons: committeechairpack350@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in Cub Scout Pack 350! Our Scouts have fun while also learning about the importance of character, physical fitness, and community service. We are a charter of Fairlington United Methodist Men, the men's association of Fairlington United Methodist Church.

The application form is available online here.

Here's some important information about Pack 350 and joining Cub Scouts:

Who Can Join?

• Boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th Grade may join Cub Scouts.

• Rising kindergarteners may participate in activities the summer before the school year begins.

When and Where Do We Meet? 

• We meet twice a month - every other Thursday night from 7pm to 8pm.

• We meet at Fairlington United Methodist Church, located near the intersection of King Street and I-395 (3900 King Street, Alexandria).

• We also have occasional weekend events, such as hikes, camping, educational outings, and service projects.

What Does It Cost?

• Dues for the year are $120 and include a subscription to Boy’s Life magazine.

• We accept cash, checks (made out to “FUMC Pack 350”), and credit/debit cards; payment is preferred through the online application process.

• Additional, optional, costs include handbooks, uniforms, and fees for special events.

What about Uniforms and Handbooks?

Uniforms – The uniform is an essential part of Cub Scouts. While it is not required to participate, it does make scouting more fun for the Scouts and gives them a way to show off all their accomplishments.

Class B uniforms – These T-shirts cost $15 and are ordered through the Pack. They offer a lightweight alternative to the formal uniform during the summer.

Books – To fully participate in Cub Scouts, each scout needs a Cub Scout Handbook for their rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light). There are also some great apps out there that provide a digital handbook.

Where can we buy books and formal uniforms?

- Robycns in Bradley Shopping Center (3660 King St, Alexandria) 
- Casual Adventure (3451 N Washington Blvd, Arlington)
- Northern VA Scout Store (5234 Port Royal Rd, Springfield)
- Online at www.scoutstuff.org and www.amazon.com