About Pack 350

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 350!

Cubmaster Jason Mott: packcubmaster350@gmail.com

Assistant Cubmaster Aaron Bachmann: packcubmaster350@gmail.com

Committee Chair Rob Brockhaus: committeechairpack350@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in Cub Scout Pack 350! Our Scouts have fun while also learning about the importance of character, physical fitness, and community service. We are a charter of Fairlington United Methodist Men, the men's association of Fairlington United Methodist Church.

The application form is available online here; please contact our Membership Chair via email if you have any questions.

Here's some important information about Pack 350 and joining Cub Scouts:

Who Can Join?

• Boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th Grade may join Cub Scouts.

• Rising kindergarteners may participate in activities the summer before the school year begins.

When and Where Do We Meet? 

• We meet twice a month, usually on the second and fourth Thursday nights from 7pm to 8pm.

• We meet at Fairlington United Methodist Church, located near the intersection of King Street and I-395 (3900 King Street, Alexandria).

• We also have occasional weekend events, such as hikes, camping, educational outings, and service projects.

What Does It Cost?

• Dues for the year are $90 and include a subscription to Boy’s Life magazine.

• We accept cash, checks (made out to “FUMC Pack 350”), and credit/debit cards; payment is preferred through the online application process.

• Additional, optional, costs include handbooks, uniforms, and fees for special events.

What about Uniforms and Handbooks?

Uniforms – The uniform is an essential part of Cub Scouts. While it is not required to participate, it does make scouting more fun for the Scouts and gives them a way to show off all their accomplishments.

Class B uniforms – These T-shirts cost $15 and are ordered through the Pack.  They offer a lightweight alternative to the formal uniform during the summer.

Books – To fully participate in Cub Scouts, each scout needs a Cub Scout Handbook for their rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light). There are also some great apps out there that provide a digital handbook.

Where can we buy books and formal uniforms?

- Robycns in Bradley Shopping Center (3660 King St, Alexandria) 
- Casual Adventure (3451 N Washington Blvd, Arlington)
- Northern VA Scout Store (5234 Port Royal Rd, Springfield)
- Online at www.scoutstuff.org and www.amazon.com